a streetcar named desire – America’s dream

 by Giacomo della Porta

Piazza Navona – Roma – 1576 – fountain bassin

For years the world included the country itself has been thinking there would come a world, a time, in which for all problems would be a solution and then, so reasoned the people, we would see an America being fully saved and happy, without problems and with a stable government. It has just been disappointing America had to wait so long for the time it would learn its reasoning was wrong. An America without problems would be a great country without graveyards or a Central Park, such is my reasoning, and like to the rule I represent in my way of giving sometimes sane reasonings in personal detail way, the reign which is without an ending in sight, I want to add to the newly reached insight: those are the problems of America which care for keeping the trail going, the oxen will need to graze wherever it finds pasture and the wagons can make for the big circle and in the prairie you’ll find no apple trees for free.

What is so funny me is thinking his way of teaching is esteemed now to be rather of the same recent signature as is the resulting of the thinking order, but we are sorry, the way of reasoning is as old as the roadway to Rome when you make your start in New Mexico, and for the very subject I am deserving too my entertainments offering, I do pretend possibly the dreams of America will come true as long as it goes on closing its eyes and solving its problems by way of taking a good night sleep untill the sun is again high in the sky. Would such than be a way to solve the main problems? The problematic image is for me not the one I like so much in a persistence of the attentional watching by way of observary and observing approach. It is in the details of this reporting better answer, any one who gets ambitions going in town like if he were right new for the  senate of the sequol city, can finely pretend he has the answer but such a man knows well he only has one out of many.  

What Clement has been making for yesterday night is his approach to solve the problems with you, ’cause you, America, became dear to us, we can for instance easily take a look into your plains whenever we are up to while still sitting in our study at the main desk (* there are two of such pieces of furniture, one is more an elegant secretary modern look)  so Clement created in a last answering on the slideshow questionary spending me my years with, us by way of abstinence of insight of rational order and the ineffectivity of that a blog site in blogger called:  

“America’s dream”, and he gave way to write down in a first post message an accounting by way of reasonably understandable information what can be better the dream of the day by now.

Pink and Yellow Dahlia
– chrysanthaemum alienatum – ‘rose garden desires’ –
– the mystery flower –

I want to add to this report about the most wondferful people on earth, and America knows well who are them such people, that logic reasoning is for science and for human philosophy being it in itself an abstraction of the living mind at work, but logos is just meaning you keep all words in pronciple at your disposure and you keep for what’s the key of wisdom’s lock the better way of unbderstanding that, the code for how to make use of the endless possibilities there are in language to bring and to elicit vital answers for a revitalizing way of having in concern  indeed the one who finds his way to solve one problem has no other at his opportunity when making for already one by one and one for many!

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