the importance of a private opinion

Description: Topography of Sicily, created wit...

Description: Topography of Sicily, created with GMT 4.1.3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A multi segment panoramic image of the London ...

A multi segment panoramic image of the London skyline from the Bermondsey banks of the Thames. Français : Image panoramique de Londres depuis les rives de la Tamise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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For making fun over what can happen in studio time:

there will be space sufficiently left over, if only abstinence of mr. Martin’s eager wishing, to tell the truth of what is actually the case, I give him rights to tell you all the truth his way, though I cannot as well think so, such has highest priority, for public’s ears more our affair, for public’s eyes, wethinks, that’s deserved to guarantee more care, then what they will make of all mass left to us, after one night a visit but that not by bus, a public soon forgets/forgot to think about or to mind, my friends so even somehow  publicity in our eyes, they can knock here always at the door, the dismay lives on second floor, wether Sesam opens that’s to be the shore, of Attica’s fleet reaching for Syracusa’s bay once more, like ever since all Sicily was a fleet’s display, to leave again after made way, and ending up affairs they say, the new world doesn’t seem to come, where public’s interests are to end, the same with Billy Bold the abstinential grunge, we hope we can come over all that choice, behavior for a youth of too a long  been disgraced, we can’t pretend we were not once or twice, in tiny Circe’s hands, what was believed to be the choice to keep to law, should I give then my last sigh way back to his voice, like if that were our gstaad’s perruque only that, after been scapegoated though can never follow up what is the just persistently deluded shame, the ugly swan’s dugling is a dream of old a lady’s mind be born, well, if you want more to like it raw, I don’t think dugling’s feathers will come far, or will go very often the like around, the skinny bones then being the left overs, of Father’s groucho lunch time burger king presence, quick lunch at Morocco Bay Inn’s was the same thing, we know the melody of likes and loves of future kings, your party house for all the games, those looking for a new begin at shores of Thames. 

Clem Burr Home Studio c. 2013 the Netherlands



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