one of the good things of Hyppolitha is she can’t look back!


flag of greatduchery of Burgundy

If or When, it’s up to all to make the choice, you are decided on to be a king of State, you will be asked for to come down with papers, to all authorities which see themselves like shapers, and what will be for once so certain, it will be asked of you to show up and leave me the curtain, behind which you’ve been already all your life aware, for some the explanation quite at younger age arrives, for others who I am asking higher fees for, this day of  Lord so good late in their life foresees, the only certainty  there is according to the sources, once shows up Burgundy for all and will forgive and not ride back on your the horses, to understand your state and what you see to claim, we don’t need all those set up for to blame, a man who gives his life for us, will understand why that day too shall give thus, don’t ask me why but when I give my loves, it saves the life of millions and is more meant for faves, the praises you leave me, forgive, it’s better for your health, accepting one and give all others then the side of wages, to take care of a public for which all are so aware, is kept like good deed but exploited like so badly feaver, I taught  you all those words to serve the high ideal, life is for all the same way to eternity a deal…..


imperial prerogative of a grandduke

Wij heten eigenlijk van Burrgundia or may be some accept we came from family Bueri, for again different people the roots will be the efforts of a time in which depersonalized what  has been as a no one’s shrine,  we have no certainty in life when ending for us comes, but according to the cool mind thinking of a president, there are some tags by which you know before, the only thing is nobody ever dies twice, but in the better part of keeping a cinema device, we don’t show nuts to public’s estimations, which tell me with that man’s considerations, we’ll never come truly to what we are so eagerly eeing out for, the day He comes, the day it will be true with us, the just notifications of a true Lord for them all, the man I gave now for us to explore, he can’t speak anymore and that’s what was  so lacking, that nearly it became again the spanking of japanese woodcut art accompanied by some Aloha tunes and then explained for, that such a scene will save those for an exploring answers detail, it’s me his high Lord which gave him just to understand, that what he saw has been the flowering branch of prune all in the white snow bending, under the weight load of many tiny truly pink flowers, the branch was still a bending to the sky where sunny daylight of the january afternoon told, in the west there is again some news, let me forgive to have no answer more…..

White buildings with brown wooden trim on street in Rye, England

white buildings with the fronts in style of Tudor,

to explain my operation to the little who cannot understand such things as for immediate, I true Lord’s answering don’t like so much the idea, to support in making for a peace in treaties telling us the time will never come again, we make the war and they do take the immediacy of answer for,  such a way of having lost all hope for having lost sincerity, me, this true Lord a secretary and a newly born, I only am still in the state I cannot rightly understand what is the return of a band so many feared now again understanding and giving us  to accept, I am not so aggrevated only by my nature, that I must tell my Lord and Father in his looking on creation, his trusted source of what shall be the Faith a true Father has his rights on too, is keeping for Him not the sharp appointment, He in His majesty is not so well served by just ideas of coming  in what will be next day’s theater, hereafter in idolatry of telling us the crowd says, I am not amused…you never know with people what they like it more for us to show,  the custom was that when the lost in all the game is then the answer for, something we always do is we can say if nothing else is left to go to, lets start again and make up our mind what then to do…..we at least say, you’re free to take up this stones for heavy freedom to make up altars for the choice, you still will do what’s never been your just own choice….

English: The Thomas Lord pub, High Street, Wes...

English: The Thomas Lord pub, High Street, West Meon This pub, formerly named the New Inn, was renamed in honour of Thomas Lord, the founder of Lord’s cricket ground, who died in 1832 and is buried in West Meon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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