About Thomistic Philosophy


Concerning the usual demand of a church movement not so incensed to give up as projectivity of its attribution to keep the universal rights over all other like the pretention of its eternity which can in my eyes not exist for a world in his temporal relativity, the reciprocity of all harm so coming over fates and feelings of the coadjuncted father, true lord of responsibilty he is sent for his creation, it is the concernant question te be put whether all people in  their way to be each other relative can this way amendamenting  looking for the one and universal god is less to be their problematic answer to take over the responsibility a true lord never would give up and then give to them is still belonging to the region and regulated realm of the unsolved questions for having his faith in any one church saved and of a decent destiny confessioning and the legal understanding of all what is to all in the so eager looking for the finality of the creation by those emprisoned in the holy faith the One and only Savior gave his crowds for free like the basket with leftovers of a food eaten in the pascha of peace and coming from that true inheritage follows on the offerands of souls in prayer like his sheep together in a flock that will once gather in the house of the same Father him to stay so many living with but for all men is just one life sufficient like the truely given and no more answer will be sent out  for once more.

English: Symbol of the Faculty of Philosophy o...

English: Symbol of the Faculty of Philosophy of SPbSU Русский: Символ факультета филосфоии и политологии СПбГУ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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